KontraBande - Small forces Big Results

With a deliberate play on words KontraBande (Kontratenor/La petite Bande) is the Baroque ensemble that is resident for the series"Ware is the Music". Made up of the finest freelance players throughout the country, this single instrumental ensemble plays with vigour, beauty and intelligence that brings the music to life. With the luxury of augmenting or decreasing the size of ensemble as and when is needed, it allows the flexibility to portray the music in as an authentic way as possible that composers would have heard and possibly had in mind. 


Our concert master, Alice Culin-Ellison, already known to Ware audiences, leads once again this season in the music of Pergolesi, Rosano and the final programme of the series, Purcell. With her band we look forward to welcoming them all back and offering you the chance to hear Baroque music on period instruments in an authentic 17th century venue such as Ware Episcopal Church.

6 deep in concentration

Harpsichordist(Tom Marshall) with his reliable Theorbo

KontraBande Ladies

Guest Artist, Emily Noel. with continuo team