Music for Westminster Abbey Saturday May 25th, 2019 7pm

Henry Purcell(1659-1595) was appointed organist of Westminster Abbey in 1679. Whilst he was a composer of all types of music ranging from Opera, Instrumental, Masques and Vocal, his appointment at the Abbey concentrated his mind solely on sacred music breaking away from his beloved theatre music. 


Our programme concentrates primarily on the verse anthem written for the Abbey which incorporated birthdays and celebrations of royalty. We do experience some of his theatre music but in the form of his instrumental writing as Kontrabande perform excerpts from the Fairy Queen, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream.


Taking the text of the works from the scriptures and mainly the Psalms we hear the voices weave and flirt with the orchestral writing of this gorgeous English musical texture. With Ware Episcopal Church being transformed, musically, into Westminster Abbey allow your senses to be teased and caressed as music of the 17th century passes your ears. With 5 talented singers and specialists of this repertoire performing, this will be a wonderful occasion and a fitting way to end our inaugural concert series. 


You don't need a passport for this trip to London, just a ticket!


Tickets: OR call 804 693 3821